Tours to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo

Komodo island is one of the islands in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The island is famous for being the place where the world's largest lizards are living. To get there you need to book tours to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo.

There is also other wildlife found on the island such as deer, birds, and buffalo. Besides that, you will also find beautiful beaches, landscapes, and great underwater life. Tours to Komodo island can be fun with all the activities to offer.

There are two options that you can choose to book the tours, starting from Labuan Bajo and tours to Komodo from Bali. Both options are best to book in advance or at least 1 week before the departure time.

Best Tours to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo

There are more than 10 tours to Komodo from Labuan Bajo. However, we have selected the top tours for your best recommendations. 
One of the aims of tour arrangements is tours to see komodo dragons. This tour arrangement will focus on the Komodo adventure, both in Rinca and Komodo Island.
Below are the best tour packages to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo:
  1. Full-Day Komodo Island tour Packages. These tours to Komodo National Park are highly recommended if you do not have enough time. You will use a high speedboat.
  2. 2 Days 1 Night Komodo tour from Labuan Bajo. This tour is a perfect choice if you go with family as it is based on private service. You will go on a Phinisi boat.
  3. 3 Days 2 Nights tour to Komodo. Tour packages are available for private and shared tour arrangements.
  4. 4 Day Private Komodo Tour. This tour is very recommended if you want to enjoy more places in Komodo National Park.
At Komodo Wisata, you can find more tours to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo. Pick your date and select the best tour package for your Komodo adventure.
You can also find or book some tours to Komodo from Bali. Enjoy your holiday vacation in Komodo National Park and beyond.