Komodo Island Tours from Labuan Bajo

Komodo National Park is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. The park is famous for being the home of the world's largest lizard called Komodo Dragon. Our Komodo Island Tours from Labuan Bajo will take you in comfort to visit the park.

At Komodo Wisata, you can also book Komodo Island tours from Cruise Ship. The tour will accommodate the activities of passengers from the Cruise Ship in Komodo National Park. You will enjoy our best selection of Komodo day tours and overnight tours.

Komodo Island day tours from Labuan Bajo are the most preferred tour packages to book if you do not have enough time on your holiday. This tour package will accommodate a visit to 6 destinations in Komodo National Park. You will enjoy our comfortable boat transfers from Labuan Bajo.

We have selected all the best Komodo island tours to meet your travel satisfaction. Our team is working with high professionalism to give you a better travel experience. Tour packages are also combined with great daily activities such as snorkeling and trekking.

Beside the Komodo tour from Labuan Bajo, we also offer Komodo island tours from Lombok. These types of tour packages depart 3 times from Lombok. You will explore beautiful destinations around Lombok, Sumbawa, and Komodo National Park.

Top Komodo Dragon Island Tours

Below are the top TripAdvisor Komodo Island tours to book:
  1. Komodo Island One Day tour package with a high speedboat from Labuan Bajo. The tour will take you to visit six destinations in Komodo National Park, including Komodo Island.
  2. Flores and Komodo Island Tours from Labuan Bajo. The tour package is one of the best combination tour packages in Flores Island. You will visit beautiful destinations in Flores and continue to Komodo National Park.
  3. 2 days and 1 night Komodo island shore tours. The tour package will accommodate visiting Komodo National Park for a private service from Labuan Bajo. The tour package will depart daily from Labuan Bajo.
  4. 3 days and 2 nights Komodo Island private tours. This tour package will accommodate visiting 9 places in Komodo National Park. You will be in a private Phinisi boat from Labuan Bajo and will stay 2 nights on the boat.
  5. Shared Komodo tour 2 days 1 night. This tour package is one of the favorites for those who have a low budget and want to visit the Komodo National Park. You will be able to get in a group of 20 people for one Phinisi boat from Labuan Bajo.
  6. 3 days and 2 nights Komodo island pink beach tour. The tour package is based on a shared tour and you will go with a group of 20 people. Explore Komodo for 3 days and stay 2 nights on our comfortable boat tour.
  7. 4 Days and 3 Nights Komodo Island Tours Bali. The tour is based on a private tour and you will stay on the boat for 3 nights. Visit the top-recommended places in Komodo National Park and enjoy your days during the tour.
Komodo island 2 Day tour is also available from Bali. You can select to book a private 2-day tour for your best experience. For more details and to book the tours to Komodo, you can visit Komodo island tours from Labuan Bajo. There are many varieties of Komodo tour packages to book.

Komodo Island Day Tours from Bali

Our best Komodo island tour packages are also available as a private tour package from Bali. These tour packages are available for daily departures in the morning. You can fly early in the morning from Bali to Labuan Bajo. The boat will leave at 09.30 am or 12.00 mid-day.
A 3 day Komodo island tour is also available from Bali. This type of tour package is a private tour, you can request to depart in the morning and mid-day from Labuan Bajo. You will not stay overnight in Labuan Bajo but go directly to the boat for a boat trip to Komodo.
Komodo island cruise tour packages are the best arrangements for most tours in Indonesia. You will be able to book Liveaboard tour packages or day tours. Enjoy our best Komodo island tour packages with professional teamwork.
At Komodo Wisata, you can choose to go on luxury Komodo island tours. It depends on your travel style or budgeting. Our tour guide will be ready to give you the best service along the trip. We will ensure that you will be satisfied using the service.

Best Komodo Island Tour Indonesia Prices

The Komodo tour packages price is starting from $50 per person for the shared Komodo tour and $2000 per boat for a private tour. These prices are quotas to change without notice. You can also enjoy our seasonal discounts on our website.
If you are in Gili Islands, you can join our Komodo island tour from Gili Trawangan. The tour package will depart 3 times a week, you can join this tour if you want to enjoy more adventure. In this tour package, you will visit beautiful places in Lombok, Sumbawa, and Komodo.
Komodo island boat tour from Labuan Bajo is our main arrangement to offer to you. You can enjoy many varieties of tour packages. Labuan Bajo is the only best place to start your Komodo island tours.
The Komodo island tour boat from Lombok is also available three times a week. The sailing tour package will allow you to explore more destinations besides Komodo. Our boat tour departs from Bangsal harbor in the North Lombok regency.
All Komodo Island Tours TripAdvisor are top-rated reviews from travelers. You can select to go on the best tour arrangements you choose to book. Enjoy exploring the homeland of dragons with a professional team.

Best time to visit the Park

Tours to Komodo island can be hard if you do not know when the best time to visit the park is. Indonesia has two seasons every year; rainy season and dry season. You need to choose the best season once you plan to visit Komodo.
Our recommendation to visit is during the dry season, from April to September every year. However, you can also book to go during the rainy seasons. The best time is November to the end of December. During these months, you will be able to enjoy the green grass on the islands.
Bali to Komodo Island tours are only provided by professional tour operators such as Komodo Wisata tours and travel in Labuan Bajo. Tour operators will save more to book compared to street sellers. Enjoy the discounts offered by the best tour operators in Labuan Bajo.